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Banana Nutty Pancakes

Banana Nutty Pancakes
Banana Nutty Pancakes

Banana Nutty Pancakes

Everyone loves a good long Banana and Nut in the morning!  Just wanted to keep it Naughty on the real… You all feel me though!   Here is my version of some Naughty Banana Nutty Pancakes

I had 3 very ripe bananas and didn’t want them to go to waste.  Either I eat them all or make something with them.  I figured let’s make what everyone does – Pancakes!

Check out how I made mine


3 Ripe Bananas

2 Whole Eggs

2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Brown Sugar Walnuts


In a small bowl, peel all 3 bananas and mash them with a fork.  I like to keep them a little chunky but it’s your preference how you mash them. Save half of one banana if you want to decorate for later.

Crack those 2 eggs in the same bowl that you’ve been juggling! Whip it, Whisk it, Do your thang with them.  Now mix in the walnuts. Save a few to garnish!

Heat up your pan and add 1 table spoon of coconut oil.  Save the other for the next cake

Add the mixture once the pan sizzles.  Now it’s up to you what size of a pancake you want. Do the peak-a-boo check to see if your pancake becomes brown and flip them over to your desired brownness.

Repeat the same process using the other tablespoon of oil. Garnish your pancakes with slices of bananas and walnuts.





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