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About Jenaleigh


Hiya Toots! My name is Janie Leigh but go by “Jenaleigh” because my family pronounces my name that way.  (It’s mainly because of their Filipino accents! LOL!) Welcome to my Naughty Kitchen where I feed My League of Mouth Bombers! I make healthy homemade meals with a flare of Naughty Essence.

Beware! My site is intended for entertainment purposes. Posts may contain food pornography. You will have to use your NAUGHTY imagination — sometimes. Other times, my Naughty mouth can be rude!

You will also see random posts of me babbling about my life, health, travels, pitbulls and of course..FOOD!  I will post recipes of what I have made on my Instagram but first…let me recollect since I’m having temporary amnesia. LOL!

A Flashback Moment

What started it out all for me was being on Instagram. I was under a different alias then, “Jenaleigh” as a matter of fact. I took pictures of foods that I made for my Mouth Bombers. While posting captions, I discovered that I was describing food with sexual innuendos and tagging them as #FoodPornagraphy and #FoodPorn. That’s when Naughty Kitchen appeared on my followers feeds. It was really a joke towards my IG followers  but then flourished as they complimented me on my new name. That’s when I decided to just keep the name Naughty Kitchen. Thank you to all my IG followers – XoXo.

League of Mouth Bombers

Who are My League of Mouth Bombers?  They are the hungry mouths that I feed errrrday!

The League of Mouth Bombers have been growing to include my family, my son’s friends, my friends, and friends of friends, and well…you get the idea!

Here are 10 random facts about me:

  • I am half my son’s age (which leaves you guessing).
  • Yes there is a Mr. Naughty and I refer to him as “Naught-E” on my posts.
  • I hate bell peppers, cucumbers, and cauliflowers so you’ll rarely see them in my recipe posts
  • I love anything garlic flavored or with garlic. Hey! It’s good for the heart!
  • Cheese pizza is my favorite! Relax, I eat pizza during my monthly femme season.
  • I hate Los Angeles and the 2 hour traffic to get to a destination, so I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Love Football season. Baseball and basketball are boring to watch but keep me entertained off football season.
  • We have a Staffy Pitbull named, Bishop. He protects us.
  • I have a S&W 9mm Shield that I conceal carry and other weapons so I am well protected!
  • I don’t think you want to Fck with me, right? LOL

What recipes do I Make?

I don’t like food segregation or being classified into a category. There are many such as Vegan, Vegetarians, Paleo, Pescatarians, Plant Based, Low-Carb, and so forth. If you were to segregate me, I would be placed under all categories to live a healthy lifestyle. I still create homemade meals for my family and friends and alter them with their dietary needs and concerns. You’ll find those recipes here!

Okay Buh-Byez! 



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