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Brown Sugar Walnuts

Brown Sugar Walnuts

Brown Sugar Walnuts

Don’t you just love the smell of roasted nuts in your house?  Especially when it has the smell of Brown Sugar floating around the air. Well, you guys are going to love this quick and easy snack made from just 3 ingredients!  I topped mines off on my Banana Nutty Pancakes!

My Aunt had some left over walnuts that she bought from Trader Joes.  She also had a box of these C&H Pure Cane Golden Brown Sugar.  Guess what she did?….. YES! Gave them to me to make something out of them 🙂  I only supplied the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that was used.

Brown Sugar Walnuts


Brown Sugar Walnuts

February 24, 2016

An easy recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!


  • Step 1 Heat your pan with the coconut oil. Once it’s melted, drop in the sugar. Mix for a few minuted until clumpy.
  • Step 2 Next, drop them nutty bad boys on them and toast them for about 3-4 minutes in low heat.
  • Step 3 By now you should have a scented kitchen.
  • Step 4 MMMhhMMM!

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